Sending messages as a field

Importing your custom messages from a .txt or .csv file

Created: 02/15/2022 3:29 AM - Updated: 02/15/2022 5:32 AM

In order to send messages using CSV file, your .csv file should indeed include 2 fields:

1. Phone number - in an international format.

2. Your message.

You can import a .csv file:

import csv file

Make sure your cell is configured as a number with 0 decimal places:

cell configuration

Then you would need to create a custom field (in this example, a field called ‘message’):

create custom field

When importing a list, map the relevant fields so the mobile number is your phone field
then scroll all the way down and point your message to the text within your .csv file.

It will look like this:

message look like

In the message editor, click on the ‘message’ tag (or any other name of your choice):

message tag in editor

The outcome:

tested message look

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