Frequently Asked Questions


Some countries require companies to send SMS messages during work-hours. We have added a cool little feature that pauses sending during night-time (in each country) to avoid complaints and message rejection. Please check the regulations in each destiny country - it's your responsibility but we will always be happy to help you investigate.
When a campaign is sent, we generate a unique URL for each user based on their mobile phone number. Once you remove a list from a campaign, you lose all click tracking data. If you wish to remove a list, you would need to remove it from the campaign first or delete the campaign.
Sure! You can add your tags to a message within the text editor. Just add your tag and check the 'automatically find and shorten links' checkbox.
No. There's no time cap on resuming partial campaigns and you don't really have to resume at all if you don't want to.
No. You can create your campaign without our {link} tag. Make sure 'Automatically find and shorten links' is unchecked. Note that you won't be able to track clicks through SMS.Studio.



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Yes, You can get your own tracking domain. Open a ticket at support.sms.studio.
This is only temporary until we validate the content that you're sending and to make sure you know what you're doing. You can always contact support with information about your business for quicker review. We recommend that you test a relatively small list before sending an actual campaign.
PayPal is a common and relatively safe way of paying. We can also accept wire transfers.
We have several parameters by which we determine the account's security level. We cannot share information about the way we determine when accounts go into a review status but it's only temporary. You can always contact support and sort it out with us. When you do reach out to us, make sure to include samples of the content you will be sending.
Once a message leaves our platform - we are being changed by our upstream providers. Once we are changed, we are charging our clients. This is valid also for rejected messages. There are plenty of carriers and each have their own rules - if you do not send spam, illegal or unwanted content, if your numbers are valid - you should be golden.
You can point your own domain and point it to our DNS or buy a domain from us at a cost price (we buy from Namecheap.com)


Yes! By default, new accounts are limited to 10k messages per hour. We can increase this limit to even 2M per hour and more. We can also allocate more processing power to some accounts. Yes, we are that great!
In some cases, there are false positives. Some carriers return a 'delivered' status while the message gets filtered. In this case, try to change the content a bit or remove the link from the message. If it's still doesn't work, please go to https://support.sms.studio and open a support ticket so we can further investigate with our providers.