Making sure my data is valid

all the tools you need in order to make sure your data is valid

Created: 12/05/2021 6:25 AM - Updated: 12/05/2021 6:31 AM

You've imported a huge list but you're not sure how good is your data, what's next?

There are MANY ways to make sure that you’re sending the correct data - just need to look,
it’s everywhere.

1. Check the top countries tab.
If your list is 90k but you see only one country with 60k - it means that 30k is invalid contacts and you should NOT send to those.

Here, what you can do is:
Go to 'List Management' -> View the relevant list -> Top Countries -> Move the relevant country to a new list.

Now you can delete the original list safely (it contains invalid 30k contacts that you don't want to use anyway).

2. Check the right side of the screen when editing a campaign (it will state the expected spend for the campaign PER COUNTRY).

3. Look under the ‘active contacts’ column which we’ve recently added (it will estimate the number of active contacts based on several parameters).
If it’s 0, then we might have a problem.

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